LTG Welcomes Healthways/Prime Members!

To our Healthways/Prime Members,

Welcome to LTG Fitness. We are thrilled to be a part of such a phenomenal program and look forward to working with each and every one of you. Because of your employers and/or health insurance company’s participation in this program, your membership can be covered up to 100%, or a very minimal fee  to you for upgraded membership! Read on and let LTG get you to your health and fitness goals on your employer’s dime!

The Basic Healthways program includes 9 classes a month (multiple classes per day not allowed). This includes regular Zumba, Tye’s Twisted Toning, Dance Fusion and Bokwa. The cost for your tenth class and beyond is $7 per class. Classes start over at the beginning of each month regardless of the amount used. Carry-over is not allowed.


Add-on #1:

Basic monthly membership (This plan includes 1 class per day or a total of 31 classes per month of the above mentioned Basic classes).

Regular price: $49 a month with a $49 enrollment fee, Month-to-month agreement

Your price: $19 a month,  $0 enrollment fee, Month-to-month agreement

Add-on #2:

All Access membership (This plan includes all LTG classes as well as multiple classes per day any day of the week).

Regular Price: $65 a month with a $49 enrollment fee, Month-to-month agreement

Your Price: $29 a month, $0 enrollment fee, Month-to-month agreement.

If you have questions, please email:
Please come in to LTG Fitness to sign up!

Tye’s story

“Losing weight will always be a motivating factor. But what happens when you find yourself at a plateau and you’re not losing any weight? How do you continue? Motivation is a feeling, an emotion. You can’t let yourself be guided by your emotions because they are deceitful..."