Welcome to LTG Fitness

At LTG Fitness we focus on a holistic approach to weight loss and overall health.

Health and weight loss have become buzz words in today’s society. But at LTG, we are far beyond words. Where others go through the motions, LTG puts every ounce of passion and energy into our programs. Where others imitate, LTG innovates. Where others like, LTG loves. And you will see and feel that difference that sets us apart from any other fitness studio you’ve been to.


The right nutrition is key to good health and getting the body you’ve always wanted.

Cardio & Toning

Having a balanced workout regimen is important for your heart and your overall health.


You have an 80-90% increased chance of being successful in your weight loss journey when you are accountable to someone.

Lose To Gain

Medications, Pounds, Fear. Confidence, Family, Life.

Make a Difference Today!

LTG Fitness Studio is a “No Judgement Zone” which means we go out of our way to create an environment where you can come as you are, with no blame, shame or guilt, and leave feeling phenomenal! From dance fitness classes to Boot Camp classes, to nutrition and guidance for healthy living, we offer what you need to get you to where you want to be. Welcome to LTG Fitness. So tell us…What would you Lose, To Gain?

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Satisfied Customer

LTG is a gym unlike any gym you’ve ever been to. Come here to never be judged, and get a complete workout.


Satisfied Customer

LTG isn’t just a workout facility. It’s a place where you find education, restoration and love.


Satisfied Customer

Tye embodies the word LOVE! She’s created a place where we can go and feel safe and be loved in no matter what we are going through!


Satisfied Customer

Tye’s story

“Losing weight will always be a motivating factor. But what happens when you find yourself at a plateau and you’re not losing any weight? How do you continue? Motivation is a feeling, an emotion. You can’t let yourself be guided by your emotions because they are deceitful..."